Some Call Me Bob.

A 3rd year History student at the University of York, graduating this July and heading off into the world of Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications.

Munchies at @AdelphiLeeds - beating those Monday blues with the lovely @danielle_stott (@dancingthroughthefire) and @theonlywitters !! #omnomnom @samofbowers

The ZOO! (A weekend back in the Shire)

The ZOO! (A weekend back in the Shire)

Last weekend I returned to the (Nottingham)Shire to visit my lovely sister & her manfriend. Naturally as a bunch of young hip twenty-somethings we wined, dined, and visited the zoo.

I was ridiculously excited about this later activity, as it had been close to a decade since I’ve last been to a zoo (although the safari in Africa in 2012 was close…but not quite the same). This specific activity was…

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Enjoying the end of the weekend with a picnic fishy bbq in the capital, in lovely company :) @jsygillespie  (at The Angel, Islington)

Underneath the Stars: beautiful musical loveliness

Underneath the Stars: beautiful musical loveliness



How’do. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a extremely hot and balmy Barnsley (who’ve thought), for the wonderful ‘Underneath the Stars’ festival. The first of it’s kind, the folky gathering was inspired & arranged by the lovely and amazing Kate Rusby (folk singing legend – like Kim Kardashian of the folk world…well…with less plastic in her posterior…and talent) and the larger…

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Return of the internet

Return of the internet

Hello! Goodness me I must admit I have been shockingly poor at writing on here for a while! Lack of internet will do that to a person, and apart from scribbling notes down at work it was unavoidable! Until now! Thank god.

So to update you, I’m now living in the long related flat with the boy, and loving it :). Pics to follow, as I’m awaiting a few final touches first!

First morning in the flat…

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Happy flat flowers :)
Chevrons & moustaches :)
Finally we have Internet in the flat!! = happy Sam @samofbowers
Hello friend :) #butterfly #peacock #office #zoo

Gates to SOUTH-well Folk Festival

Gates to SOUTH-well Folk Festival


Hello gang,

It’s all been a bit mad recently! As I recently moved into the new shiny flat with the boy (big blog post to follow), life has been hectic to say the least, and now of course we don’t have internet – as we’re waiting for the little Orange man to come sort it out for us.

This has all created a distinctive lack of blogging availability!

A couple of weeks ago (if you count 4 weeks…

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